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Hey everyone I’m Shareef, guest blogging today to share some of my photos with you! I have a particular interest in street photography and capturing those spontaneous moments we see everyday. Street photography can be challenging, requiring patience and attention to detail to be able to capture a photo that can tell a story. One thing I should mention though it isn’t all about candid moments of people not aware you are taking a photo of them. There have been times where I see someone so interesting I stop them to take a photo. I’m going to share with you a few of my photos I have taken around Miami:




 This photo is one of my favorites I have taken. The story behind this photo began after a late night out with friends we ended up at a park that had a fountain. After taking a few photos with my friends, the girl came in the photo came out of nowhere and approached my friends and I. She said to me “take pictures of me!” and just jumped into the fountain. We were all in shock as to what was happening but it was a moment and I took this photo. I have yet to forget about that night out.



 Walking down the street one night I glanced to my left and saw this couple sitting in the back of this Chevrolet pickup. I didn’t think much of it but then I stopped walking and asked if I could take a photo of them. The photo instantly stood out to me with the girl’s legs hanging off the car, the guy making a face that looks like he’s annoyed along with his plaid shirt mixed in with the vintage car, it was a perfect photo to me. The kicker for me with this photo was when I told them “nice car”, the girl gave me a smile and a slight giggle, which I then followed up with “this isn’t your car is it”. They both replied “no” and I found it humorous that two strangers were sitting in a stranger’s car who will never be aware of this ever happening.



This last photo of the boy and the girl was just one of those adorable moments between kids. I was in a bakery when the boy was crying by himself in the corner of the shop. On the other side of the bakery there was a birthday party (which I assume he was part of). He cried for about five minutes until the little girl came running across and reached out to him to come join her. The boy stopped crying at that point. I love this photo because of the eye contact the kids make with each other and also that the girls face is a little unfocused showing that there is an obstacle in the way which is the chair. But you can see she is leaning in trying to grab him with her arm and he stops to pay attention to her.



What I would like to accomplish is a way to have these moments captured for others to see on Instagram. I want you guys to hashtag your street photography photos or photos of strangers with #StrangersInStrangePlaces. Lets try to get a community going of capturing moments with this hashtag. I look forward to seeing everyone’s photos!

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