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 Hello, lovelies!

My name is Carolyna and welcome to my MUCH awaited beauty blog! I guess I should take this opportunity to tell all of you a little bit about myself. I’m 22 years old living in Miami, Fl, the oldest of 4 siblings, an Event Management major at FIU & last but not least a freelance/self taught makeup artist, hairstylist and photographer. After I receive my degree in a year (oh happy day), I hope to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in professional makeup artistry. So look out for my name in future rolling movie credits! LOL. Anyway, I began this blog after receiving so many requests from clients, fellow “Instagrammers”, friends & family. So here it is! My love for all things beauty related began at a very young age. I specifically remember my mom always telling me “If you spent as much time studying & doing homework as you do playing with makeup, you would be a genius.” I never thought playing with lipsticks and eyeshadows at 13 years old would bring me to where I am today! So with that being said, I hope you join me on this new/nerve-wracking/exciting/fun journey with me! Feel free to contact me with any requests. I love receiving feedback from readers and fellow bloggers!


Photo By: Caro Padron

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