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Glam in a Bottle

Happy Tuesday, loves!

If there’s one thing I know all makeup junkies struggle with it’s finding a really REALLY good concealer. And if you have dark circles like I do, you understand the struggle. Up to now, my ultimate favorite has been Kat Von D’s Tattoo Lock-It Concealer. Recently I discovered the extremely similar and less expensive version of this product by Hard Candy called Glamouflauge. Now, there’s been a lot of speculation between these 2 products and how alike they are. Quite frankly in my opinion, they yield the same results! So, if you’re not looking to spend $25 at Sephora, head over to the always reliable Walmart and pick up some Glamoflauge for $6. I can assure that you won’t be disappointed!

I put this concealer to the test and applied it all over my face to create this Barbie inspired look. Tell me what you think!


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