Carolyna Padron

Makeup, Hair & Photography by Carolyna Padron

“Eye” Love Tattoos!



Hello Lovelies!

Let’s talk about tattoos. Don’t be alarmed, I’m talking about Maybelline® Eye Studio® Color Tattoo® 24HR Cream Gel Eyeshadow. This stuff is practically bulletproof. I discovered it about a year ago when I was searching for an affordable, cream based eyeshadow. I love this product because:

1. Intense Pigments

2. Long Lasting

3. No Creasing (Hallelujah!)

4. Easy Application

I found it easiest to apply this using my finger. I always feel like I have more control that way! The only complaint I have is that it flakes easily after it dries on the eye. If you’re applying a second coat of color, don’t rub it in, just pat it on. Other than that, tens across the board! As you can see, I got a little creative with the shadows. On my right eye I am wearing Painted Purple, on my left eye I’m wearing Tenacious Teal. I used a little bit of Barely Branded to highlight my brow bones, cheeks and the bridge of my nose!



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